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Terry Bolton's Top Winter Baits

Winter fishing can be some of the best days on Kentucky Lake.  If you can brave the cold, you can catch fish.  The traffic on the lake comes to a stop, but the bite is still out there.  My favorite baits for the coldwater bite include the Rapala Shad Rap 7 (Crawdad Color), Rapala Shadow Rap (BUD Color), Zoom 4" Swimmer.

A New Generation of Fishing

When the heat cranks up, ENGEL COOLERS is here to cool things down.  Fisherman, hunters, and campers the world over rely on the high performance and ruggedness of Engel.   

Winter Crappie Fishing by Eddie Davenport

Many will say it is too cold to go fishing, however I disagree.  In the 1980's, Larry "Horsefly" Jones and I perfected the spider rig on Jonathan Creek.  I loved being out there when we were the only ones on the lake.  And boy do the crappie taste better out of cold water.  I was the minnow man and he preferred jigs, but we both had to eat crow and switch back and forth.  This winter has been phenomenal on the crappie bite.  Fisherman are catching limits in a few hours.  Target brush!  That is the key.  Crappie like to sit beside brush that is staged close to a channel.  THey are stacked up right now.  Good Fishing, Eddie.

As the seasons change on Kentucky Lake, so does the bite.  As fisherman, we know that over 160,000 flooded acres can be hard to figure out.

  • Rapala
  • Strike King
  • Zoom
  • Jenko
  • Lew's 
  • 13 Fishing
  • And much more.......

Kentucky Lake conditions provided by TVA include generation releases, hourly discharge, and predicted data for lake levels.

Kentucky Lake

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