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Kentucky Lake

Spring Crappie Fishing by Eddie Davenport

As the water temperature begins to warm up, crappie fishing starts to get good.    The new Jenko Mermaid on a Jenko slasher head are some of the best baits I have used.  The midnight chartreuse has been a winner for me.  Don't forget to target the edges of the secondary channels.  Try fishing a little farther off bottom.  With the clear water, the fish grab more interest when it passes over.  Good Fishing, Eddie.

As the seasons change on Kentucky Lake, so does the bite.  As fisherman, we know that over 160,000 flooded acres can be hard to figure out.

Kentucky Lake conditions provided by TVA include generation releases, hourly discharge, and predicted data for lake levels.

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Terry Bolton's Top Late Spring Baits

Kentucky Lake is changing, and to be a better angler, you need to start changing with it.  The water seems to be clearer than I have ever seen it.  The baits that are going to be effective as we move into late spring and early summer will be Zoom Swimmer Swimbaits,  Zoom Magnum Lizards,  Accent Spinnerbaits, and Rapala DT10's.  Some of my favorite colors in the Zoom Swimmer is Crystal Shad and Shad.  Accent spinnerbaits in threadfin or white are always good.  Try picking up Zoom Magnum Lizards in Green Pumpkin or Chartruese Pumpkin.  And never forget how deadly a Rapala DT10 can be.  

​Good Luck, Terry Bolton

  • Rapala
  • Strike King
  • Zoom
  • Jenko
  • Lew's 
  • 13 Fishing
  • And much more.......

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