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Terry Bolton's Top 3 Fall Bass Baits

Fall fishing is renewing for me.  It is a time when the fish have moved to wolf packs and are not grouped up.  Scanning is out and you just have to fish.  My top 3 baits that I have in the boat include a spinnerbait, topwater, and lipless bait.  The areas that you must cover require these bait to get it done.

A New Generation of Fishing

When the heat cranks up, ENGEL COOLERS is here to cool things down.  Fisherman, hunters, and campers the world over rely on the high performance and ruggedness of Engel.   

Fall Crappie Fishing by Eddie Davenport

As the leaves begin to turn and cool weather sets in, the desire to catch crappie hits me once again. Using a single rod and tight lining crappie is fun, productive, and a great learning experience.  Finding brush off of secondary channels is key to finding crappie in the fall.  Water depths of 15-20 ft. is not too deep.  I use a Jenko Hypersense 10ft. Crappie  Rod with a Lew's Spinning Reel or a Wally Marshall Pro Series 10 ft. with a Lew's Spinning Reel.  Both are great rods.  A Bobby Garland Baby Shad or Mr. Crappie Sausage Head with a Slab Slinger Jig.  My favorite colors include pink/chartreuse and orange/chartreuse.  Good Fishing, Eddie.

As the seasons change on Kentucky Lake, so does the bite.  As fisherman, we know that over 160,000 flooded acres can be hard to figure out.

  • Rapala
  • Strike King
  • Zoom
  • Jenko
  • Lew's 
  • 13 Fishing
  • And much more.......

Kentucky Lake conditions provided by TVA include generation releases, hourly discharge, and predicted data for lake levels.

Kentucky Lake

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